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He had never dreamed it could be like this, and he savored every moment of the xnxx. after glow. This was life changing, he could sense that, but he could also tell that he and JD were xnxx india a perfect match for what ever was out there for them. This was xxnn it, and he was suddenly very content with xnxx movies that. They were together, and that was all they needed. Up to this indo xnxx point, the story has been loosely based on what happened in the summer of 1988. I've always wanted to know what might have happened, and will continue the story just to find out. D.L. Date: 22 Jul 99 xnxx sex 12:11:57 From: rimshotplanetaccess Subject: daniel and jd part 4 Sorry the sex content has gone down lately, but I had to explore some ideas with the charecters and give you a villan. Daniel and JD / Reality Bites 4 The smell xxnx of chemicals and the discomfort of being in one position for to long xxx xnxx caused Daniel to fight his way out of the darkness. It was difficult to open his eyes, and he really didn't porn xnxx want to move very much. xnxx porn A pain over his eye xnxx japanese and a dull throb on the back of his head that made thumping sensations in his ears woke him the rest of the video porno way up. Groggily he peered through slit eyes at the face of his mother, wonder why she was indian xnxx here and where exactly here was. "Where am I?" He mumbled thickly. For a moment he imagined casts on his left arm and leg and was surprised that he could move those limbs easily. His mother got up and came to his xvideos side, smoothing his blond hair out of his eyes. "You in xnxx movies the hospital, Danny. You video xnxx have a concussion." His mind digested that for awhile, processing why he was there. The events of the previous night washed through his memory causing tears to form in www xnxx com his eyes. He grabbed his mother's arm and tried to xnxx indo sit up. "Where's JD?" He cried, resisting her attempts to lay him back down. Calm down, Honey," She said, easing him back. "JD's in surgery. We haven't heard anything yet." zoo xnxx She picked up porn videos a tissue videos xnxx and dabbed at his eyes. "You need to get some xnxx indo rest, and maybe you can see him later, ok?" "Find out, Mom." He pushed tamil xnxx her hand away. "I need to know." He closed his eyes and tried to relax, nausea overwhelming him. He drifted back to sleep with JD's face in front of his eyes. He dreamed about Dester's Landing, about skinny-dipping and lying in the sun. The next time he woke up it was xnxx bokep dark, and Stacy was sitting in a chair at the end of the bed instead of his mother. "Hi." He croaked, lifting his head. She got xnxx cina up and came over, getting him sunny leone xnxx some water. "Your mom and dad are getting something to eat. I hope you don't mind me staying with you." She smiled down at him, mom xnxx and he reached up to touch her face. "No. xnxx korea How's JD?" He asked after sipping some more of the water. It was ice cold and felt very sex good on xnxx jav his throat. xxx videos "He xnxx telugu hasn't come around yet, Daniel." Her smile was replaced by concern. "His parents are like zombies in the waiting room. He came out of xnxx japan surgery almost an hour ago, but they haven't taken him to a room." She helped him adjust the bed so he could sit up a little. "Did xnxx indonesia the doctor say anything? Is xnxx barat he gonna be ok?" She sighed and shook her head slightly. "They don't know. The knife went through his liver and into his intestines. They said it was bad." He dropped his head back on the pillow, unable to support it any longer. His world crashed around his shoulders, and he felt an intense loneliness washing over him. tamil xnxx Stacy dabbed at his eyes, moved to silence. "He can't die. I haven't told him I love him yet." Daniel squeezed his eyes shut and sobbed, held and japan xnxx comforted by the girl that he'd almost dated and had never loved as anything but a friend. She rocked him gently, shushing quietly and envying JD. He woke up the next morning feeling much better but very cranky. The https // nurse took his vital signs and left, thankfully leaving him in peace. He got up from the bed, steadied himself for a few seconds, them went into the bathroom. It had never felt free porn so good to relieve xnxx tv himself. A young male doctor came in as he left the tiny bathroom and smiled at him. "You're xnxx asia looking a lot better today, young man." He helped Daniel xnxn into the bed and pulled up the rail. "In fact, if you promise to rest one more day, xnxx sex videos I'll let you go home with your parents tomorrow morning, deal?" Daniel nodded, lowering himself xnxx anime to the pillow. The trip to the restroom had taken a lot out of him, but he still xnxx bokep felt pretty video xnxx good, just winded. He said so. "Concussions are xnxx video funny things." The doctor stated, laying the chart on the table xxnxx and xvideo flashing Daniel's eyes with a little flashlight. "They make you a little tired and woozy, but usually your fine in a few days." He finished and made notes on the chart. "You, however, took a fairly hefty wallop, and that's why you're here so long." "Can I see my friend now?" Daniel asked. "Is he ok?" xnxx 2019 "He's better, but he still hasn't started to wake up. I'll ask his parents if you can visit, but only for a xnx few minutes." The doctor smiled and patted Daniel's shoulder, then picked up his chart. "I heard xnxx/ that the police got two of the little bastards that did this to you and your partner." He stopped at the door and paused before opening it. "I hope you nail them to the ground." He smiled again and saluted xnxx desi casually, then pulled the door shut behind as he left. A while later, his mother came in with a wheel chair. "I thought you might be going stir crazy in here. Seems like old times, doesn't it?" She alluded to his car accident. Daniel smirked and slid off the bed, taking the light robe she held out xnxx com and xnxx tamil putting it on. "You sense of humor evades me mother. I think I can walk." "Sit down young man," She smiled sweetly, batting her eyes, "Or I will surely throw you into this xnxx mom chair and beg some duct tape from the nurses." She patted the back of the chair and completely blocked his way. He raised his hands in surrender and sat down, actually grateful to her because he was now dizzy and nauseous again. He lifted his desi xnxx feet so she could put the petals down, the surprised him by sitting in the chair in front of him. "Daniel, I want vina garut xnxx you to know that your dad and I love you, and I want you to know that I think we know xnxx. more about how important JD is to you than you xxxx realize." She took his hands in hers, trying not to cry. "Honey, we've spent a lot of time talking with his parents, and we're all kind of shocked, but we love you. I wanted xvideo you to know that." Daniel was at first horrified as it dawned on him what she was saying, but zoo xnxx for some reason, it was ok. The secret was out, and xnxx app that gave him incredible freedom. At the same time, gay xnxx he could see a deep pain in her eyes, and he knew he had caused it. He hugged her fiercely as xnxx download a lump formed in his throat. "I love you, Mom." "Daniel, I don't promise to understand how you feel," She said, stroking the side of xnxx. com his face, "But I want you to remember something. I carried you for nine months, changed your diapers, bandaged xnxx barat your scrapes and bruises, and took you to baseball practice." She leaned back and took a tissue off the table and handed it to him. "If this is the choice you've made, then I accept that. But please, understand that it might take some getting used to, and that some people might not be overjoyed at the idea." Daniel was silent for a moment, digesting what she'd xnxx arab said. He felt better knowing that his mother knew about his secret, and although she wasn't sure, she was still there for him. "Does dad know?" He asked, wiping his eyes. "I think he suspects due to the conversation between me and JD's mother last night, but he's far to reserved to discuss it in public here at the hospital. xxn I think you and he should talk when you get home." xnxx gay His mother moved behind him and turned the wheel chair towards the door. "JD's mother knew about him for a long time, but she had no idea about the two of you until xvideo yesterday. His father seems to just dismiss the whole idea." "Mom, I sex xnxx want you to know xnxx telugu that I don't think I'm gay. I just love JD. There's a difference." Daniel pulled the door open so they could get through. "I don't even look at guys, and I don't act like a girl." "Let's talk later, ok?" She moved him down the hall towards the elevators. "No matter how you feel, this isn't the place for talk like this." www.xnxx "Sorry, Mom." The elevator took xnxx desi them up two floors, and at the end of a short hall was a xvideos set vina garut xnxx of doors marked ICU. Daniel felt his chest tighten at the thought of JD being in intensive care. His mouth went dry. As they passed each door, he could desi xnxx hear all types machines beeping and whirring, and could see www.xnxx several different readout screens. It was faintly terrifying. JD's xnxx teen mom met them at the door and bent to kiss Daniel on the cheek. "I was so worried about you, Mister!" She said as she patted his www xnxx com face. "I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have to clean up the kitchen after you two everyday." "Is he awake yet?" Daniel asked as he was pushed into the room. "No, not yet. But his vital signs xxx video are stronger." There he was. Daniel swallowed hard, pushing away the first image xnnn that entered his mind of a corpse. JD was pale and had his arms straight along his sides. He had a black eye on the right side, and a tube trailed out of his nose. There was an oxygen mask on his face, covering his fox like features. Daniel could see heavy bandages wrapping his ribs, and three IV lines ran xnxx video into his arms. "Oh, vidio xnxx shit." xnxx videos He whispered, standing xnnn up out of the wheel chair. Moving slowly, like an old man, he moved to the side of the bed. All most tentatively, he took JD's hand. He could feel tears trying to well up and stuffed them back, not wanting to appear upset if xnxx mom JD opened his eyes. "JD?" He spoke xnxx download quietly. "Hey, can you hear xnxx porno me? It's Danny." He sat on the edge of the bed, careful not to disturb the lines. "Come on, man. I need to see those eyes. I'm out here by myself, and I'm afraid." His voice dropped to a whisper, and he xnxx korea reached out to stroke a little wisp of hair aside. JD's hand twitched, lightly xnxx porno grasping Daniel's, causing him to jump. "Please JD, open your eyes for me, ok?" He watched JD's eyes flutter. His pulse quickened. "There you go," He coached, rubbing JD's hand, "Open them and look at xnxx cina me. Let me know you're in there." JD blinked several times disoriented, before looking up and seeing Daniel. A slight smile crossed his face and croaked, "Hey." xnxx videos "Hey!" Daniel whispered, grinning like a Cheshire cat. "I thought they killed you, you dickhead!" Tears streamed down his cheeks xnxx selingkuh and he laughed. He porn videos xnxx indian felt hands on his shoulders and realized that both of their moms were at the bedside now. He put his hand on the side of JD's face. "The gigs up, dude, and we got some `splainin' to do." Daniel looked into those green eyes and felt himself relaxing, knowing that JD was still there, that he wasn't alone. JD xxnx nodded, then closed his eyes, drifting back to sleep. Daniel was taken back to his room and spent most of the rest of the day sleeping. The doctor came by and told him that he'd be there at least two more xnxx sex videos days, then left him and his mother some pamphlets on head injuries and how take care of himself when xnxx anime he went home. He was able to sleep much xnxx app better after going to see his partner, and went out like a light for the rest of the night. He woke the nest morning as the door to his room opened. Stacy and Dane peeked in, gay xnxx the came over to him and hugged him. "What are you two up to?" He smiled, pushing himself up in the bed. "We stopped and saw JD for a few minutes. xnxxx He's awake already and xnxx. pestering his nurses. Both of your parents went home for some rest, and we took today's watch." Stacy said, overly https // perky because she knew it drove Daniel crazy. Dane nxxn handed him a small box wrapped in red and green paper. sex video "Merry Christmas. This is from me and Terry, and Stacy and Micah. JD's is fire." xnxx jepang "What is it?" Daniel asked, turning the box over porno xnxx in his hands. "It's a bond, and that's all I'm telling xnxx porn you. Open it." Daniel tore the paper off and opened the box, revealing a small silver lightening bolt on a silver necklace. On the back of the lightening bolt was inscribed `D&JD'. He was touched, not quite knowing what to say. Stacy took it out and put it around his neck. It fit perfectly, hanging just between where his collarbones nxxn met. He smiled and hugged them xnxxcom both. "There's and Indian legend that when the lightening gods come down to xnxx com/ the earth, xnxxx the whole world changes." Dane said as he sat down. "You two are definitely the lightening gods as far as I'm concerned. As long as you two are together, nothing can stop you. And everyone knows xxnxx you can't have fire without lightening." "Your mom told us about your car accident last spring. Looks like you two are into role reversals." Stacy adjusted his necklace, then moved to sit in the other chair. "Was it his turn to nearly die? Do you guys take turns, or what?" "Not intentionally." "Anyway, we're supposed to give you these," Stacy handed him a xnxx sex bag containing a pair of clean underwear, anew t-shirt, and a new pair of OP corduroy shorts. "Then when you shower and change, we're supposed to drag you kicking and screaming to the hospital garden. It's enclosed, so you can go there even while xnxx sex video it's snowing." "Your mom was going into town with porno xnxx JD's mom and said that they'd bring you lunch so you didn't pass away from the food here." Dane got up and closed the xxx videos door so Daniel could have some privacy. "They xnxx indian said they'd be back around one." "Where did she find a new pair of Op's in the middle of winter?" Daniel asked, getting out of bed to shower. xxx video "It's a female secret." Stacy responded with a smirk. "If you knew everything we did, how would nxxn we rule the world?" Daniel shook his head and sex xnxx went into the bathroom. He had already figured out xnxx download that you don't bend over very fast with a concussion, and was careful not to drop anything. He put on the new clothes from his mother and parted his now shoulder length blond hair, pulling it back in a ponytail. He shaved, leaving a budding mustache, then went out to the others. "I swear xnx to god, only you could get in a fight, get the shit beat out of you, and come out looking like xnxx stories a movie star." Dane intoned in disgust. "You two and your perfect complexions and perfect builds piss me off." He followed Daniel out into the hall, putting his arm around Stacy's xxx xnxx shoulders. "Do you ever have a bad hair day?" "Some've got it, and some porn ain't," Daniel shot back over his shoulder, pushing the elevator button. "I don't know about me, but I know JD's got it." He stepped in, holding the door. "Whatever `it' is." The door opened to chaos. Several people in white moved past them in the hall as they walked towards xnxx porn the xnxx vina garut ICU doors, causing Dane to glance over his shoulder. As they neared JD's room, they could see several people around the bed talking quickly. Micah saw video porno them and ran to xnxx arab Daniel, wrapping her arms around him, sobbing. "He was talking to me xnxx sex about what he got you for Christmas," She said into his chest thickly. sex "All of the sudden his eyes rolled up, and all those monitors started beeping." She indicated the crowded room. "They all came running in and made me leave." Daniel saw the nurse that had met him at the emergency standing behind a counter and went over to him. "What happened? He was vina garut xnxx doing fine, wasn't he?" "I think they missed a bleeder when they operated. You better go back to your room." The big friendly black man came around the desk and put his arm around porn xnxx xnxx indonesia Daniel's shoulders. "I promise I'll let you know as soon as we know something. Now git, ok?" xnxx desi JD was wheeled past them as they stood in the hall followed by an army of various medical types. Daniel felt a kernel of anger spark to life. He replayed the fight in his mind, fixing the cowboy's face in his memory. Unaware, he crushed Micah's hand, causing her to yelp. "God, I'm sorry Micah. Are you all right?" She said she was. He turned to Dane, who could see the change in Daniel's face, stopping himself from backing off. "I want that clod kicking hillbilly sunny leone xnxx shit kicker, Dane. Call everyone and find out who he https // is, where he indian xnxx is, whatever they have." Dane nodded, and Daniel led them down the hall. xnxx .com They spent a couple of hours in the arboretum, waiting for word to come down. JD's parents showed up and waited in his room, while gay xnxx Daniel's mother waited with them in the garden. She had brought lunch with her, but no one touched the food. At almost three in the afternoon, JD's xxnxx mother came in, xxx letting them know he was xvideos in recovery, and that they had missed a nick on his kidney. He was doing much better. At almost ten, Daniel was summoned from his room. JD's xnxx com mother led him to the ICU and a pair of very alert green eyes. The oxygen was gone, two of the IVs were gone, and JD had color in his face. Daniel xnxx stories scooped him up in a www xnxx hug, careful not to squeeze very hard. "You do that again and I'm gonna kill you!" he mumbled into JD's hair. "It was xnxx tamil my turn." JD whispered. "Yeah, xnxx hd sure xnxx it was." He touched the fire shaped locket on JD's chest, glad that his mom xnxx teen porno xnxx had xnxx gay put it back on. He felt japan xnxx JD's fingers free porn touch the lightening bolt and looked into his eyes, not having to say a word. The fire god survived. The lightening god would not allow it to be other xnxx movies wise. He kissed JD on the forehead just before he went back to sleep. A normal sleep. He rode home with his Mom to a family still waiting to have Christmas. He got tired easily, but was able to xxn sit on xnxn the xxn couch with his brother, Tim, and open xnxx telugu packages. For some reason it was xnxx/ touching to him for them to have waited, and he enjoyed sex videos they way they acted as though it really was Christmas Day. When they were done, Daniel was left with his Dad while the others went into the kitchen to fix dinner. He knew this time was coming, and dreaded what his xnxx sex video father might think. He worshipped the man, mom xnxx and had tried his guts out in school and on the team to make his father xxxx proud. The silence went on until it hung in the air like something living. "I'm sorry, xnxx japan Dad." He xnxxcom said at last quietly. "I never wanted to disappoint you like this." His father sighed deeply, turning to meet Daniel's eyes. "Son, I don't know what to think so don't get up set if vidio xnxx I sex video confuse you." He turned his chair so they could xxx face each other. xnxx vina garut "Twice I've gotten calls late at night that my boy, Daniel, zoo xnxx was hurt, and twice I've worried until I've gotten sick about you. I'm not blaming you, I just wanted you to know that you can't feel that way xnxx about someone that you don't care about." His voice got husky, and porn videos xnxx jepang water filled xnxx asia his eyes. xnxx selingkuh Daniel got up and knelt by the recliner, laying his head in his father's lap. He felt his Dad's hand patting his head as he continued. "I feel a little lost, Dan, japanese xnxx but you and Tim mean everything to me and your Mom." He lifted Daniel's face to look into his eyes. "If what you and JD have means that I get a third son, I guess it'll be that wwwxnxx way, won't it?" "I swear I won't embarrass you, Dad." Daniel scrubbed at his eyes with his sleeve. "I would never do anything to hurt you, or Mom or Tim, I mean it." "I know that, boy." The man reached behind the chair and pulled out a porno large package shaped like a picture frame and handed it to Daniel. xnxx hot "My xnxx barat Dad made something like this for xnxx com/ me when I swam in school and college." Daniel tore it open to find all of his swimming awards and medals mounted behind porno glass on red velvet. He ran his fingers over the glass, unable to think of anything to say. "You can have my medals if you want them, and hang them up in your room, side by side, where they belong." Years later, Daniel would remember this as the best time he ever spend with his father. The medals hung together no matter where they went, always with indo xnxx his on the left and his father's on the right. After a while they went xnxn out to have lunch with everyone, neither saying much, but enjoying that bond that Daniel knew he had destroyed. He was pleased to be mistaken. "You're out of your goddamned mind, you know that?" Dane hissed, watching the beat up Chevy truck for signs of movement. Daniel xnxx indonesia crouched in front of him and watched the gas station where they had found the third cowboy. It was after eleven, and the boy was turning out lights and locking up. "Be quiet, Dane!" He whispered, waving his hand. "Christ all mighty, why don't you just yell sex video and bokep xnxx get his attention." "Sorry." The biggest of the three that attacked them on Christmas Eve closed the door as he left, half- mumbling and half whistling some song he had in his head. He shuffled out to his truck and was about to open the door when he felt a strange sensation on the back of his xnxx .com neck. sex videos xnxx japanese He spun around just in time to catch Daniel's fist with his nose, sending him hard against the door of the trunk. "Miss me, you clod kicking hillbilly?" Daniel snarled, pulling the other up off the ground and punching him again. "Not so fun when it's a fair fight, is it?" He kicked the cowboy in the ribs as hard as he could, hearing the air rush out. "Tell you what, Shitkicker. Why don't you get that little knife of xnxx bokep yours out xnxx indian so you have a chance here." He grabbed the cowboy by the hair and pulled him up again, staring him in the face. "Oh, that's right. That knife went to the hospital in my best friend, didn't it?" He punched several times into the ribs that he had kicked, feeling the fury in him explode with every impact. Daniel mashed the cowboy's face into the door handle, satisfied with the crunching sound of teeth. He let the cowboy fall onto his back and then straddled him, sitting on his chest. The bokep xnxx cowboy was terrified, his eyes xnxx india wide. Blood streamed from his nose and mouth, and he gurgled when he breathed in. "I want you to remember something about fags, prairie fairy." Daniel leaned forward and bored xnxx sex videos in with his eyes. "They're a lot fucking meaner than any shit kicker that ever walked, and not all of them are sissies. You every come near me or anyone else I've ever met in my life, and I will hunt you down and finish this." He www xnxx stood up and delivered one xnxx jav final kick, nailing the video porno cowboy in the crotch. "You know what's sad, Tex? I've taken it up the ass from a guy that's ten times the man you'll ever be." Daniel reached down and picked up the boy's cowboy hat and put it on. "My xnxx hd name's Daniel Broederick. Come and get me, mother fucker, I dare you." Date: 28 www xnxx Jul 99 14:35:41 From: rimshotplanetaccess Subject: Daniel and JD Part 5 I would like to thank everyone for the messages. I'm sorry this one took so long. It's been a busy week. I may spend some time wwwxnxx exploring JD's character a little, so be xnx patient. Feel free to send suggestions as to what direction this should go. Rimshotplanetaccess Thanx, xxx xnxx Dan Daniel and JD Part 5 / Enchanted Lives "What did you expect, Danny?" Stacy placed xnxx selingkuh and ice pack on his xnxx hindi knuckles. They site xnxx were purple and swollen, and Daniel didn't want to move his hand. Dane clapped vidio xnxx him on the shoulder, laughing. "You should have seen him, Stace. It was incredible!" Dane bunched up his face and snarled, "Come and get me, mother fucker, I dare you." He fell onto the bench in the Burger King dining room and dissolved into laughter. "You are by far the most magnificent son of a bitch that ever walked, Daniel." Daniel grinned and threw a xnnn fry at Dane, catching him in the xnxx jepang nose. "I need you two to go shopping with me tomorrow. I need some new clothes to go see JD." He reached down on the bench and picked up the cowboy indo xnxx hat, placing tamil xnxx it on his head. "ah need sum duds that'll do this videos xnxx Texas Frisbee proud," He drawled in a passable western accent, "And I can tell you in all honesty, I've never worn Wranglers, or pointy ass boots, or whatever they wear in my life." "I like western clothes." xnnx Micah said as she put her trash away. "I can guaranty you that you have the ass xxnn for Wranglers. So does JD. It might be a good style for you." "Where do you buy `em?" "You guys pick me up at ten. I'll take you to the mall, then we'll go see JD, xnxx japanese `kay?" The next morning found them in Starlling's, a western clothing store. Daniel sat in a dressing room, pulling on a pair of boots. They were a little tigh